What can make a good Dissertation?

For any researcher, the first ever big scale research work being carried out is the dissertation the researcher inscribes during the course of pursuing his / her doctoral education. As this work of dissertation written on a research based study is th..Read More

The role of a PhD supervisor in timely completion of thesis

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Writing Introduction For Research Paper

Introduction of serious research papers are pretty difficult to write. It is that paragraph or section of a write-up that introduces itself to the reader. On the basis of this section, the reader decides whether or not he would read this work further..Read More

Reach Your Goal – One Step at a Time

When you are faced with the task of submitting a thesis to get a PhD degree, you may already be aware that the path is not going to be an easy one. Since the studying part was not easy, it is natural you may find the thesis a major challenge too. How..Read More

Thesis Analysis Writing

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Make Every Point Count in Your Thesis

Those who know the importance of a thesis for a PhD degree, would also know how important each word is, when an evaluation takes place. This implies that when you are attempting a thesis, you have to be careful of the accuracy and the quality of each..Read More

Mindfulness Writing: Is It Like Zen Meditation?

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Five Must Do’s for PhD Students

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