Maintain ethics in collecting Data

Students and researchers while conducting research collect information from a variety of sources. Some information is collected from individuals, some from organizations and industries and some through secondary resources like books, journals etc. all people involved in the study must be properly informed and the discussions must be transparent. In some cases where personal information or confidential information is collected from individuals or organizations, the consent agreement must be taken from the particular people.  After collecting the information proper care must be taken to store and utilize the information in a proper way. The people must be assured that the information or data will not be shared with the third parties and only relevant information will be shared. Also in the recent days many social networking sites collect data or personal information of the users without their knowledge. This is because of the lengthy confidentiality agreement which will not be read by all users. Somewhere in the middle lies the trap and people fail to recognize it. But many social media and networking sites do not make their agreements transparent.

Apart from normal studies ethics must be followed during clinical trials which are being conducted on humans. The concerned person and his immediate family must be explained the situation and use of the drug and only after their consensus the study must be carried out. Although there are many national and international laws to protect people from such clinical studies people get trapped knowingly or unknowingly. It is up to the companies to follow ethics while doing such studies.  Students collecting the data for dissertations or thesis must also follow the ethical standards while collecting the data. Such good practice sends out a positive message in the society. 

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