Development of Flawless PhD Proposal

Almost 77.8 % of our clients were tired of iterate suggestions on how to prepare PhD proposal only limited to the format of the proposal and what it should supposedly convey. No doubt, less has been talked about what should exactly be written in the proposal and how. Writing a proposal is not that difficult as it appears when we hear people say how crucial and complicated it can be to draw its outline.

On the contrary, at Thesis Guidance we hold that it is much easier to compose a summary of an extended-to-be research. No doubt, a proposal is critical and can be tough to write if you are a lost wanderer in the academia and your field of study. But, when it comes to writing a proposal for your PhD thesis, you must be clear about what others are looking for and what you need to dig out to emerge as a distinguished researcher.

Answers for an all-encompassing PhD Proposal

What is the significance of your research topic and why does it need further exploration (how has it been studied before)?


How does the research contribute towards the current pool of knowledge in your field?

What is the dire need of conducting the proposed research for academia, researchers, and other stakeholders?


Why are you the perfect choice for doing the current research?

PhD proposal is your gateway to exemplary research

Elements of an organised PhD proposal


  • Background of the existing literature
  • Major issues in the literature
  • Urgency of exploring the issues

Problem statement

  • Presentation of research statement or question
  • Description of the extent to which the possible outcomes advance the knowledge

Aims and Objectives

  • Researcher's aim and stance to conduct the proposed research

Literature Review

  • Synthesise multiple research
  • Critical commentary of the literature gap
  • What led you doing the research?

Research Methodology

  • How to achieve research goals

Management Criteria

  • Delimitation of the Study
  • Section of society unaffected by proposed research
  • Justification of the methodology

Significance of the study

  • Part of the population targeted to benefit
  • Relevance of the research study

Timeline (optional)

  • Duration of time assigned for each research activity

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