End-to-end Thesis Assistance

When you are working on your thesis for attaining the doctoral degree with a high score/grade, you are bound to feel the need for professional thesis assistance at some point. We, at Thesis Guidance, serve as a one-stop destination for all your thesis needs related to writing, data analysis or any other thesis completion requirements. Our PhD guides are well versed in the art (and science) of thesis writing and have been helping scholars in varied subject fields irrespective of their current phase of the thesis process.

Our greatest USP is customised thesis assistance offered by our adroit team of writers, data experts, statisticians, editors and subject experts. We provide flexibility in our services, and cater to the unique requirements of your particular research work and university. you can choose from any of the packages that we offer, as per your need.

We are providers of end-to-end research assistance to scholars belonging to diverse subject fields. We start with selection of a topic and work with clients until they have submitted the thesis. This is a long term service that is chosen by scholars who wish to make every page of the thesis perfect and cannot get much help from their university supervisors. This is also a viable option for those who have a job or family to manage, and cannot dedicate as much time as needed for the thesis. We help them by making crucial decisions for them and saving time spent on repetitive tasks.

Custom-made PhD thesis assistance

45 years of combined experience to offer research-specific help

Comprehensive Guidance

When one opts for Comprehensive Guidance, we assign a team of experts, comprising professional writer, subject matter expert, experienced editor, PhD statistician and a consultant who manages the work flow and interacts regularly with the client. The team members ensure that they are able to solve all queries throughout the process of thesis writing. Since this is a long drawn service, we encourage communication between the client and assigned experts for getting feedback and inputs.

Chapter wise Guidance

This is another variant of our service and is focused on specific needs of scholars. It is provided for individual chapters of thesis and you can opt for assistance with any chapter, or chapters, that you find challenging. This is comparatively short term service and many scholars find it economic as well. However, here also we emphasise on proper interaction between the guide and client.

The chapters we cover under the service are



For an impressive introduction, we highlight the salient features of the study clearly and establish the need for such research.


Literature Review

From suggesting the best references to writing the chapter in proper format and with correct citations, we handle it all effectively.


Research Design

For preparing a thorough research design, we help you choose the sample size and target group, data collection methods and analysis tool.


Data Analysis

We assign PhD statisticians, who choose and apply statistical tests with 100% accuracy. They draw modules, tables, charts and graphs as needed and explain the analytical process with text.


Results and Discussion

we put forth the results in a simplified manner and connect them to the objectives. In the discussion chapter, we explore further scope for research in the field.


Abstract and Conclusion

we frame an abstract that is succinct and gives the summary of the research in a crisp manner. The conclusion is comprehensive and highlights the findings of the study.

All our services are time bound as we make sure that you are able to submit the thesis on time. To avail any of our services, contact us at contact@phd.thesisguidance.net