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What makes your PhD research and thesis stand out in the crowd of similar researches done on the same topic? Approaching the research objectives using a unique research methodology which brings together a whole lot of new research thoughts and ideologies is appreciated. In addition, devising a new strategy for filling up the research gaps identified and serving as a news breaking research methodology is also of high academic worth.

Contrary to the popular belief, the research methodology chapter is much more than a simple description of the research methods and materials involved in your PhD research. It highlights the research procedures and philosophies which consist of the following sections: purpose and objectives of study population and sample, instrument development and testing, methods and procedures, and tools (or techniques) for data analysis.

Key components of research methodology chapter

  • Introduction
  • Research paradigm involved in the study
  • Research approach followed in the study
  • Data collection method
  • Statistical tools and Software tools used
  • Sampling design used in this study
  • Research design used
  • Analysis and interpretation of data
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Summary
  • References

Our PhD writers deliver niche research writing services in their respective subject domains. Writing the research methodology chapter in particular necessitates the writers to follow the 3 simple rules; originality, relevance, and coherence. The research methodology is itself a comprehensive term which must entail the ideology, paradigm, philosophy which has guided the entire research framework. Providing the structure for the entire research (and its writing), the chapter thus written is detailed, referenced and in line with the research needs for data analysis.

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