Organise the ‘Backbone’ of your Thesis

Contrary to the popular belief, you will find writing research methodology chapter easier than any chapter of your thesis when you know the correct PhD research methodology format. It is regarded as the most important chapter for showcasing the research as a reliable and valid contribution because it outlines the scientific method to validate his research hypothesis and achieve the research objectives.

Research methodology chapter constitutes the overall strategies (and much more) to be adopted for carrying out the research, and most importantly data collection. The description of the area where the research was conducted, the population or sample involved, and the research design constitutes the chapter of research methodology.

A typical Research Methodology chapter answers certain questions

  • How was the sample chosen?

  • How was the data collected or generated?
  • What technique was used to analyse data?

  • What material and equipment were used?
  • Why the researcher chose this particular method instead of others?

A comprehensive research methodology chapter must cater to all of the questions mentioned above in a coherent manner. Also, a reasoning is to be provided as to why some other type of method/philosophy/paradigm etc. was not used.

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