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Life of a PhD research scholar is full of different facets; each gives you a new skill and widens your knowledge base. Thesis writing is one of the most crucial stages in your journey which stands to portray you as a researcher worth acclamation. The excursion of academic writing begins with synopsis writing, which is often feared by most novice PhD candidates. It is viewed as a responsibility given to them for demonstrating their expertised writing potential and research-worthy study aims.

Unlike casual writing, writing for any academic document (and probably for publishing) is indeed a tough row to hoe.

But once you have a knack over the rules of writing a research-worthy, approval-ready thesis synopsis, you can deliver niche academic documents with ease. A verified thesis synopsis format can help scholars manage their research work and writing in a balanced manner. Have a glance at the PhD format sample from our expert PhD synopsis writing in Kerala.

PhD Synopsis Format Sample


Concise, crucial issue highlighted


A short but informative brief description of the proposed research

Literature Review

Previous research work done in the concerned area

Problem Statement

Identification of the problem selected for research


Statement to be tested for possible acceptance or rejection


Broad objectives aspects of research would cover


Plan of work, and methods to be employed


List of references, and a bibliography if required

However, your university guidelines might differ slightly from this format provided by our PhD synopsis writing in Kerala but we always help with any customized requirement. The constituents of these chapters remain the same across subject domains and stages of research.

Thesis Synopsis Sample Layout : An approval-ready structure

  • Cover Page & Title page
  • Declaration
  • Table of Contents
  • Body of the Synopsis
  • Contributions (if necessary)
  • Conclusions List of References (pointed references only in the body)
  • List of Publications (from the PhD work)

With this information, students would find that there is nothing to fear from synopsis writing and will get benefitted as you will be continuously engaged in your research. However, if you want an example of a good PhD synopsis sample format, a thesis synopsis sample is attached as a pdf document. You will be cleared with all of your doubts regarding the same and if still facing problems with thesis synopsis writing, kindly share your query with us at Our experts in PhD synopsis writing in Kerala from the same subject field can help you with your thesis synopsis writing.