Epitome of your Academic Intellect

Thesis is defined as the report of a research study conducted by the scholar, which is submitted towards partial completion of a doctoral or master’s course. Writing a thesis is a humongous task, as the document constituents several chapters which demand attention to detail and in-depth subject knowledge written across pages (going up to hundreds of pages).

Essentially, thesis writing work starts off with a theory which you set out to prove and a goal that you intend to attain through researching, analysing, data collection and writing. The document will show, in a step by step manner, whether you have been able to prove the hypothesis and solve the problem with the help of selected resources and statistical analysis.

A PhD thesis format comprises of several elements or chapters

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology
  • Data Analysis
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

When you intend to write a thesis for attainment of a post graduate/graduate degree, you must be familiar with all the guidelines which are prescribed by your university (writing, referencing, formatting, structuring, print material, etc.). Having your thesis reviewed by expert consultants in your subject field is a rational and feasible decision.

Approval-ready, publication-worthy PhD thesis

When you are writing a thesis, it must ensure certain features

Academic language

The language and vocabulary have to abide by the scholarly standards. You cannot use humour or colloquial phrases while writing the report.


Every chapter must be complete in every sense. There must be no loose ends and all relevant factors must be included, whether it is the abstract or research design.

Valid and Reliable

Accuracy of data and results of research, as well as validity of the variables that are chosen for analysis to ensure that the work is reliable.

Up to date information

All the data that you use, whether it is qualitative or quantitative, must be recent. This is why one has to be careful while choosing references.


Having a logical flow between the various sections and chapters of the thesis is essential. The transition must be smooth for the readers.


While the thesis is a specialised academic report, it must make sense for readers. It must not be so full of jargon or tables that one cannot grasp the meaning.

If you prepare your PhD thesis format keeping these points in mind, you are on the path to an effective presentation of your research ideas and academic worth.